Herbed and Butterflied Leg o’ Lamb

Bahhhh humbug!! We’re too cute for this kinda work!!! 🙁

A high quality leg of lamb doesn’t need much enhancing because of its natural flavor and tenderness. The method here infuses the meat with garlic and rosemary (no rosemary, no lamb) and coats the outside with fresh herbs.

I’m not one who is ever up on my cuts of meat but I have learned that a butterflied leg of lamb is just a boneless leg that has been cut down the center in half but not completely through. The halves are opened to lay flat making the meat easier to grill or broil.

And because lambs will be lambs, never remove the meat from the oven and start carving!! Eeeek and baaaahhhhh! Always let it rest for about 15 minutes before carving and serving. As the meat rests, it will continue to cook about 5 more degrees, the juices will redistribute, and you will end up with a more flavorful, tender result. So give the little bugger a short and meaningful rest.

Very good with Steve’s Salsa Verde sauce and balsamic glaze on the side.

4-6 pounds butterflied leg of lamb
5-6 cloves of garlic, sliced thin
Rosemary sprigs
2 t oregano
2 t coriander and/or cumin
2 T each balsamic and olive oil
Salt and pepper


  1. Place lamb skin side down in a shallow dish. With the tip of a paring knife, make as many pokes in the meat as you have garlic slivers, poking deep enough so that the garlic slivers will be submerged in the meat. Fill pokes with garlic slivers and whole rosemary sprigs .
  2. Mix the oregano, coriander, salt and pepper together with the oil and balsamic vinegar. Transfer lamb to a gallon storage bag and pour in the spice mix. Refrigerate overnight.
  3. Take the lamb out of the refrigerate for an hour or two before cooking. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
  4. Place the lamb in a shallow roasting pan herb side up, skin side down. Bake at 425 for 30-35 minutes. Remove from oven, tent it with a piece of aluminum foil and allow to rest for 15 minutes to settle down.
  5. Slice and serve. Great with Steve’s Salsa Verde!


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