Hi ya. Havin’ a good day?

  • Hi ya. Havin’ a good day?
  • Hi ya. Havin’ a good day?
  • Hi ya. Havin’ a good day?
  • Hi ya. Havin’ a good day?

Liverpool. It is much nicer than you think!

Talk about living life red! The Mersey River, the Albert Dock, the Liverpool Tate…Liverpool today is shining! Liverpool is a beautiful, unique and very loveable city, with tons of history, a lot of soul, a big heart and just the right amount of edge.

Friendly doesn’t begin to tell the story

Liverpool people are boss! Maybe I’m biased, but I reckon Scousers are some of the friendliest, funniest and down to earth people in the world. On the bus, in the street, in the corner shop, Scousers love a good chat and a bit of banter. I go into Liverpool on my own alot when Ken is using his season ticket to Anfield. And, because I’m on my own, Liverpudlians are keen to chat and go above and beyond to make sure I have a good time. So I always have an absolutely fantastic time sitting in a pub, watching the same game on the tele that Ken is at…thinking I am probably having a better time than he is!

People watching is also amazing in Liverpool. There are a lot of characters! And, I love the accent, even if I don’t always understand it…

And food!

I really have never understood it when people say the UK has bad food. Where have you people been eating? I’m guessing some touristy, over-priced restaurant in Leicester Square or Covent Garden. So what you need to do on to your next visit to the UK, is head up north to Liverpool! I’ll post again about restaurants in Liverpool One and elsewhere in the area, including Wales. My goodness, the hidden eateries of Wales will blow your socks off!

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Live life red.