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Live life red

The key to fabulous gingerness? Live life red.

Polenta pizza for president

I can’t seem to get enough polenta lately. I grill it or bake it, top it with tomatoes, vegies and cheese. It’s my substitute when Ken tells me I am going to turn into a taco if I don’t stop eating corn tortillas with everything and nothing. Polenta uses a coarse grain cornmeal; regular cornmeal […]

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Bee-inspired: Spin your honey

Real raw honey crystallizes, and that’s a good thing. The crystallization process is natural and spontaneous, preserving the flavor and quality of the honey. As a robust honey user, this ginger prefers her honey filled with crystal goodness. So I spin my own. Here’s how. The science bee-hind Creamed honey contains small crystals. Also called […]

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My Big Fat Greek Yoghurt

Never take yoghurt from strangers. Make your own. Why did I ever think it was complicated or impossible to make gloriously thick, rich, creamy yoghurt? It is not complicated in the least, and it is so scientifically fun! The only ingredients you need: a gallon of whole milk and a cup of plain yoghurt to act as […]

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Am I granola?

I am powerless in the face of this granola! It calls my name from the cabinet and insists I eat spoon after spoon of it every time I see the zip lock bag I lovingly store it in. Do I qualify as granola? Let’s examine the facts: My car is a hybrid prius but I […]

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Pique: Puerto Rican style hot sauce

This orange-y liquid hot sauce in a bottle is unofficially the national hot sauce of Puerto Rico. It’s vinegary, garlicky, and spicy to perfection–my kind of chilli pepper madness. Here’s my version of pique. Feel free to make your own combo of vinegar, chillies, garlic and spices that suits your palate. Traditional pique also uses […]

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Say it ain’t so

  The Cuban beer crisis is now official. State-run brewery Bucanero can’t produce enough of its two most popular beers—Cristal and Bucanero—to keep up with rising tourist demand. Bucanero is a darker beer, while Cristal is more lager-esque. The cause is obvious: When President Barack Obama eased travel restrictions between Cuba and the United States in February, […]

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